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Window shutters with LED lighting and light panels for use day or night

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Tier on tier window shutters are bifold or single window shutters that open either side of a window opening.

All tier on tier window shutters are available with the following options.

1. Security shutters - optional sliding panel latches on the top and bottom of each bifold window. By simply pushing a small latch into the metal window frame you have an extremely safe and secure unit. Standard method of closing is via magnetic catches.

2. Mirror shutters - constructed in 6mm safety glass, perfect for those wishing to reflect light back into a room, and for use as a secondary mirror. Completely transforms the room and makes it appear larger and brighter.

3. Shutter Grilles - for who wish to see natural light in daytime and the evening.

4. Mirrors and grilles - for those wishing to combine the amazing decorative effects of the perforated and laser cut patterns, with the functionality of a mirror.

5. Light panels - for the first time you can incorporate a light into a window shutter. Easily operated by remote control, choose between bright white panels, or mulitocolour RGB panels where you can change the colour to suit your mood and your surroundings.

6. Picture shutters - choose from photographs, illustrations by famous designers, textile designs and prints, graffiti prints or original graffiti. Create wonderful combinations when combined with mirrors or grilles perhaps?

7. Alarmed shutters - for the security conscious we can incorporate proximity sensors and / or vibration sensors into every design. This means it is possible for alarms to sound, lights to illuminate when tampered with. Alternatively it may just be an automatic light when someone enters a room.

All tier on tier window shutters are made to measure, and manufactured as a single unit and frame ready to install. The list of options for our mirror shutters, light shutters, alarm shutters and picture shutters is comprehensive and we are adding to our designs on a regular basis. If in doubt please contact us by telephone or email, and we will guide you through all options.

To see the full range of tier on tier decorative window shutters please visit Mirror Shutters by clicking the image below


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